And what shall we reap
If we give our heart away,
To a mystery face, at home on the internet
When some may say, it cannot be true today.

Yet, what shall we make of this
Such connection that we feel,
This understanding, this oneness
Amazed, that it can be so very real.

Tentative, we begin, just a little at a time
The sharing of our inner self,
Than as we laugh and chat, or cry and pray
Something special creeps up on us with stealth.

Then all we know, is that a loneliness is gone
For we have connected with the heart,
We stand in awe at the miraculous gift
Of someone who walks along the same path.

Then we look up, where all that is unseen is held
And say, Father above, You knew it all the time,
You prepared that kindred heart for me
Now, what loveliness is mine.

If we come to know this unique attachment
Then it shall be, well worth the risk,
For maybe it is only when we see with eternal eyes
That we can reap a friend at home, like this.

Soft Whispers for my heart friends
from Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

My sketch, profile, of Heaven is a large blue sky?
Larger than the biggest I have seen in June,
and in it are my friends every one of them.
~ Emily Dickinson ~


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