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~ Have I? ~

Nightfall brings awareness
thoughts scramble through my mind
have I done my very best?
in this life of mine

I wonder if words were spoken
when they truly had to be
if I gave completely
every part of me

Did these eyes show feelings?
was love alone, enough?
have I always been there
when others lives were tough?

I hope to be remembered
when I'm laid to rest
but tonight I sit and wonder
have I done my best?

Eyes closed my teardrops trickle
thoughts scrambling through my head
have I made a difference?
in something done or said

Did I have full understanding?
for those who suffer pain
did my words encourage?
was my friendship seen?

Do my children know for certain?
I'd give it all for them
have I treated with compassion?
trying never, to condemn

I can't help but wonder
want some peace of mind
if tomorrow starts without me
what will I leave behind?

I'd like to be remembered
in a sort of happy way
when my days are over
will memories remain?


Rose Marie Streeter

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 Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell

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