~ Heaven Is Waiting ~

For a moment I felt utter terror,
my world was now falling apart.
My life quickly flashed before me,
I could feel each beat of my heart.

And then in an instant it ended,
there was peace I cannot describe.
I saw the faces of angels,
leading on to that Heavenly light.

In the light were souls of family
who had left this earth long ago.
I felt their great love surround me,
their countenance had such a glow.

I turned to look back at the earth,
I watched as you stood there in grief,
I wanted to hold you close again,
let you know my pain had been brief.

I have not left you standing alone,
look around and youíll feel me near,
Iím the soft gentle breeze of summer
that lovingly dries all your tears.

Someday you will see me again,
as you, too, see that Heavenly light.
We will walk hand in hand in Heaven,
and Iíll never again leave your side.

© 2007 Forrest Phelps-Cook

Dedicated to those who lost loved ones
in the collapse of the Minnesota bridge.


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Midi Recorded By John Starnes


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