~ He Said !! ~
God whispered in my ear last night,
To see if I was awake,
I jumped right up and asked,
Is my last breath ready to take?
No child He said, I just want to talk,
I just need a helping hand.
Things are not going according,
To the plans I made for man.
Too much crime, too much hate,
Murder in your streets.
Too much abuse, too much greed,
Life is not so sweet.
 Each night above as prayers ascend,
I hear each prayer being said,
No patience as they wait you see,
As thoughts run through their head.
No matter what I do it seems,
I just cannot please man.
It seems the more I give,
The more they hold out their hand.
I gave my Son long ago,
His blood was shed for thee,
He died a cruel and horrible death,
To set you sinners free.
Some have heard my call,
And try to live their life right.
While others haven't changed a thing,
They just don't see the light.
Yes I am a loving God,
Forgiveness is given Free,
But I do not understand,
 Why others don't seek me.
Soon my Son will come again,
So why then do they wait,
Do they not know that,
They are only sealing their fate.
Thousands of years
And millions of souls,
Have passed through life
And never been made whole.
I said seek and ye shall find,
Trust in me, let me guide your ways.
Love me, the Lord your God,
I'll give you brighter days.
But Child, few have listened,
Too busy with life I say.
Although tomorrow is not promised,
I have given them today!!
Tragic things have happened,
It's not my way at all.
The end of time is at hand,
So I beckon and I call.
Thousands of years later,
I'm still calling to my flock.
I am your Master Lighthouse,
I am your solid rock ..
You cannot get to Heaven,
Only through my Son.
That was the message left with you,
When His work on earth was done.
So I am here with final warning,
Revelation is at hand,
I'm about to destroy,
All the wickedness of man.
So child you go on back to sleep.
I have many things to do.
I just hope you'll spread my message ,
That's all I ask of you!!
Brenda D King 9/19/2006
I knock at the door of your heart, if you open it, I shall come in!!
I Am, The Beginning, the End

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The marvelous midi is entitled Quiet and is courtesy of Dolphin's Dream


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