May I Hold Your Hand, Dear Jesus
When I feel cold, may I hold your hands, Dear Jesus
When there is fog in the hills and I am afraid
May I hold your hands of love,
When I look at your hands, Dear Jesus, I cry
I see where the nails were put, I can see your Holy heart
You have given to people such as I,
I always need your blessings
Under this bright blue sky.
I look at your feet, Dear Jesus
I see where the nails pieced your skin
When you turn, I see
The blood from your body within,
You died because You loved me
All of mankind that you made
I know we all disappoint you in so many ways.
Hold my hands
And take my sin away.
I pray every night,
But now I want You to hold me close
I am one of your lost sheep, You found
And made Your own,
Do I make you happy
For I have suffered much heartache and loss
For a while I did not know who I was.
May I hold Your hands, Dear Jesus
No other comes before Your love
You paid the supreme payment
Your very life from above,
So people like me are now able to go in
To see the peace of heaven,
Of The King of Kings.
May I hold Your hands, Dear Jesus
To be Your own,
I am a little afraid of death, the unknown
Walk me up The Pearl Stairway of light
I want above all things
To be with You tonight.
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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