~ I Believe ~

I believe, on Christmas Eve,
Before the Christ Child's birth,
There was a rush, a Holy fuss,
To prepare His way to earth ~

The Angels were kept busy
Polishing halos and fluffing wings ~
Tuning harps and vocal chords,
As they prepared to sing ~

Arch Angel Michael was elected
To shine-up the Northern Star
So Wisemen would be guided
On their quest from afar ~

Announcements were rehearsed
So there would be no mistake ~
The Christ Child would arrive that night ~
Preparations they must make!

Shepherd boys watching flocks
Felt excitement in the air ~
The hope and joy of all the earth ~
Soon...He would appear!

And while the coolness of the night
Surrounded one and all...
A burst of trumpets filled the sky
Along with the Angel's call!

'The Child is born, the Child is here ~
Rejoice in all the earth ~
He has come....Triumphantly;
This long awaited birth!'

And, then, a gentle silence fell,
As all heaven looked upon His Face ~
The Baby Child, that would save the world ~
By His Amazing Grace!

By Lynn King
November 26, 2007

~It is CHRISTmas...it isn't 'Happy Holiday'; it IS 'Happy HOLYday!'
Have a blessed day of Peace, Hope, Joy and Love!~



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