~ If I Never ~
If I never saw the smile again
upon your gentle face,
Or heard your beautiful laughter fill the air,
I could go on living
But it wouldn't be the same without you here!
If I never looked into those eyes again,
so sincere and true,
Or heard your voice filled with care,
I could go on breathing
But not as deeply without you there!

If I must live without
the company of your thoughts
Or the presence of your trust.
Then I could go on without them,
Go on if I really must.
But as I have grown to know
how much these mean to me,
The presence of you, my friend,
I know that I am strong enough
to make it to the end.

You have given my life
 the very strength I need to go on,
The endurance to do what I must do!
But my life can never be the same
Without having you there as you!
But if I must go on in my life
with the knowledge of having known you,
Whether it has been right or wrong,
At least I have known you,
And I know I can go on!


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