We're having an increddybubbly party
Tucked away in the woods today,
And I sure don't want to miss inviting you.
Now come along for fun is here to stay.

You can gather up your friends
There's lots of love to share.
Don't forget your favorite book to read
But DO forget to pack your cares.

Oh don't be shy, come for a pamper
There's just relaxing here to do,
With lots of bubbly huggles everywhere
For friends that are true blue.

Just bring a heart of happiness
To share, as we wander off to chat,
We'll explore the misty forest paths
And in the puddles splash.

There's some really pretty birds
The Mama's guarding in her little nest,
Oh, I can't wait until you come
To our retreat tucked in the wilderness.

The weather here is so picture perfect
For deckchair lazing in the sun,
And everything is provided free
There's absolutely nothing to be done.

We'll fish or paddle, do whatever
And all the eats are calorie free,
Come on, you deserve a spoil
To laze about deliciously.

Go on, jump into your beetlebom
And cruise out in the country air,
Turn off when you hear all the giggling
Of the increddybubbly huggy bears.

See you soon!

Beary Increddybubbly Huggles
from Cyndi and Derry 2004

We all need a little tender loving bear.
for there's nothing like a "warm fuzzy".
and happiness is always found in the
"bear necessities".
Teddy Bear! Teddy Bear!
You sweet thing!
What warmth and friendship you do bring.
You're always there to hug and hold;
To you my secrets all are told.

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Midi is used with permission
Margi Harrell