Whether real late at night
or sun's early light ...
NOW, don't have a fit!
BUT online I sit!
Before even that first yawn
without even a cup of coffee ...
to the 'puter I'm drawn ...
to see what emails I've gotten!
Checking my buddy list ...
is there anyone I've forgotten?
You-all there 'Bama and in S.C,
jump in this melee-glee ...
Yahoo, away in Canada and Ohio
Don't 'cha know, "Way to go"!!!
Up in Ark. and over to the UK
Be sure and email me today!
Down under, in Australia ...
Louisiana darlin',  just gotta email ya!
AND don't 'eva forget about Texas!
IM me about your new Lexus ...
We're all internet survivors ...
with different service providers!
Dog's barking, husband's in a snit ..
Well, just let him have his little fit!
Kids fightin', dogs still barkin'
but online I'm sparkin' ...
Now, the kids are fed ...
What's that you said?
Clean the dishes? Nawwww
I'm online instead!
Ho, Hum, my internet chums ...
leave those ole house chores undone
(Maybe hubby will get them done)
Online we not only survive
that's how we thrive!
I'm just one click away ...
So "make my day"!
We may get spammed
emails jammed & crammed ...
but ain't it just so sweet
when we can click delete?
Someone calls me an ole coot?
Hey! I just reboot!
By romance or whim
let's all IM?!
Forget about the broom
let's all go to a chat room!
Ciao! See ya soon!
We'll form our own
"internet platoon"!
Got your own signature tag?
Need one? Got 'em file and bag.
What's that? Huh? @?
That's where I hang my hat!
Get that dang door bell
someone yells ...
Don't have a hissy fit ...
'cause here I sit!
Mop the floor?
Been a week or more.
What a bore!
Ole household chore!
Wait! Did I just hit a snag?
Supper will be late
I have to defrag ...
So just sit and wait!
Now I've somewhere read
that without exercise we spread ...
OK, I admit without the house chore
my rump's getting just a might sore.
What's happened to the house?
Don't know was clickin' my mouse!
Ain't we just tooo cool
using these internet tools?
Right here online I stay
anyhow, anyway, any day ...
'cause I'm an internet survivor
If I pay my service provider !!
NOW, this is no hype ...
"pay as you type"!
Gotta write that check
or there won't be any hunt and peck!
"Hubby, get that bill paid!"
"Did you hear what I said?"
*Yawn, pay it before you go to bed ...
OR there won't be any peace in this homestead!!
Copyright 2003
Barbara LaBarbera
used with permission

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