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by: O' Puppy

Oh, the waters have long since been frozen
where the wishes were made from the well
And a cry from the loon goes unspoken
in the valley where secrets don't tell

Was a young man so eager to journey
that would leave for the cold midnight sun
Broken threads and a pocket of money
for this lion who set out as one

Not a plan or a measure of caution
he arrived as a stranger that day
With a map against every objection
he just smiled and was soon on his way

Unprepared for the paths of the silent
in a place where a heart lacks a friend
To the valley of secrets this soul went
it was there he remained till the end

For the brook he would cross in the winter
was in thaw from the warmth of the spring
In the valley he so carelessly entered
he was helpless to do anything

Raging waters would signal disaster
for the brave soul that figured it wrong
Though he tried so in vain he was left there
till the floods and the summer were gone

As the ice and the freeze changed the region
hunters found him asleep, pen in hand
And a message he wrote before dying
spoke of things they could not understand

From a loon that had found refuge with him
to a small hand made stone wishing well
Endless searches no one ever found them
in the valley where secrets don't tell

As it is with time all things change they say
but the winds remain a restless force
haunting echoes of every yesterday
sending whispers of the lad off course

Inside the taverns where the tongue is king
while a candle sends its shadow dim
When a mug is dry it will always bring
conversations that soon turn to him

From a lantern that swings desperately
to a voice crying out in the night
If the spirits dance, naked eyes may see
things that often defy what is right

For the forest comes alive with laughter
as a loon sings to a stoned wishing well
And it's so beautiful just to be there
In the valley where secrets don't tell

Ronnie D. Shreve


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