Keep us now, ever in your memory
The innocence of open youth,
For tender are our delightful ways
Given all for you.
We can hold nothing back
For every moment holds no fear,
The affection we have to give away
Is all out in the clear.
There are no boundaries
The world is but an exciting stage,
Everything is to enjoy
Our book an open page.
Love us so gently then
With only the wisest care,
Our soft hearts are ever prepared
For all you have to share.
Whatever you give of yourself
Will be written in our heart,
We will become as you lead
Walking behind you on life's path.
Everyday will be so busy
Relishing in all there is to savour,
Dedicate your heart to us
To do yourself the favour.
For all the time you pursue
Showing us of good today,
Will come back to bless you for sure
In the love we give away.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2004 used with permission

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