~ Jesus Loves Me ~
I know Jesus loves me
I see His love for me every day,
He guides my spirit, all along the way.
He helps me talk to people

I always feel His hand
Touching the top of my head,
He tells me what to say
And what should not be said.
He sends me His angels,
To comfort me when I feel lost
He is my hope for tomorrow,
Into Heaven I will one day go
Jesus loves me the way I am,
He tells me, He told me so.
I feel also, very blessed,
In this world that I can see,
His love is in the flowers and the sun I feel
That is a part of me.
There is beauty in the oceans,
In the birds who fly so free
As I watch them,
I feel the beauty deep inside of me.
The skies which go to Heaven
 And the stars which shine so bright
I look at all these things,
Jesus made them right.
Jesus loves me and I am so proud
I now know,
I will never be alone in the crowd,
In the here after,
When Jesus calls my name
I know I will be remembered,
I will not die in vain.
My arms I will hold out,
Jesus will hold me close to Him,
I will go to Heaven
I will be free
of sin.
Do you remember me
The people's poet

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Art work by Susan Rios


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