~ Joy Of Thanksgiving ~

If I should count my blessings
Then what could I include
Where should I begin
What loveliness is true

Might I start without
Of all that I can see
From horizon to horizon
Oh, there's far too much for me

Then shall I glance around
At all close within my gaze
The many blessings for my comfort
Given in a myriad of ways

Then the sweetness of God's presence
His life to ever know
The peaceful joy and love He gives
Because I am His own

I thank Him for each special friend
And for every gift that leaps
Right into my little heart
That I can always keep


Soft Thankful Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems 2006

Originality is not doing something
no one else has ever done, but doing
what has been done countless times
~with new life, new breath~

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