If your world is growing dim
Because the sunshine lost its glow,
If your smile was for yesterday
The beauty gone
From memory you know.
Spirits Up
If the sky seems full of rain
And all you feel is pain,
If you feel too tired to face tomorrow
With all its demands
To ever smile again.
Spirits Up

If everyone is moving on
And you are feeling tired,
With your heart beat going slow
From everything you've tried.

Spirits Up
If all around seems senseless
And you are filled with doubt and fear,
For you feel lost in a darkness
Sort of alone
And your eyes fill up with tears.
Spirits Up
If you can't find all those priceless gifts
That fill up every day,
For the burden that has descended
of endless struggle
Is carrying you away.
Spirits Up
When no trite words of platitudes
Will your heart appease,
Or restore the delightful wonders
Outside your window
That could have the where-with-all to please.
Spirits Up
For today I shall ask the Lord
To gently touch your special soul
As His loving heart of secrets
Is already prepared
To heal and make you whole.
Spirits Up
Because as you hold out open hands
And wait and keep on waiting
Priceless treasure will emerge
As a tender seed germinates tenderly within.
Hope perches in your soul,
as a bird
sweetly sings
ready to take wing.
Spirits Up

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission


Spirits Up

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