~ Cherokee Keetoowah Spirit ~

Called by powers of the Keetoowah spirit
you must awaken your hearts and hear it
As Cherokees now greet a new dawn
The true Kituwah spirit still lives on

We must forever keep our Ancestor's pride
and everyone work to strengthen the tribe
A return to "community", the old way ...
each individual with a role to play

Among all our sisters and brothers
we must share with one another ...
to the largest deed to the smallest token
we must work to keep our circle unbroken

In our circle is where sharing starts
whether talent, deeds, perhaps art
All of which are gifts of the heart ...
Each one playing an important part

The strength of the wolf is in the pack
we too must keep our circle intact ...
Our strength, regardless of affiliation or clan,
is honored equality of every woman and man

We must keep the Keetoowah spirit alive
for our Cherokee Nation to survive ...
Regardless of the blood quantum in your veins
Unity of all descendants is Cherokee's gain!

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

Our circle is broken
without all Cherokee descendants
Red Bird Smith Dh YSCY
(Original Keetoowah society)

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