~ The Life Of A Farmer ~

The summer is just about over
And the fields need to be plowed
Wood needs to be chopped for winter
More time is needed somehow.

Pork needs to be cured in the smokehouse
Eggs need to be collected from the hens
The cattle needs to be rounded up
And the horses fetched from the glen.

Hay collected, baled, and stored
Fill up the oil tank
Make a trip into town
Make mortgage payment at the bank.

Fix the harness and the plow
Pay the hired hands
Make repairs on the roof
Vegetables need to be canned.

Straw hauled in and put in stables
Blankets brought out of the moth balls
Washing all the winter clothes
Patching that crack in the wall.

Cleaning out the fireplace
Checking all the shutters
Sweeping out all the nooks and crannies
Getting the churn and making some butter.

Checking out the property
Getting the honey dipper out
Fixing all the broken fences
Storing plenty of water in case of a drought.

These are chores our great grandparents faced
Beginning every day in the early morn
They never complained they just did the work
Back then this was the norm.

So listen to the stories our elderly can tell
They celebrated their youth a long time ago
Times were oh so different then
You'd be amazed at what all they know.

Chee Chee Martin ©2004


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