A little bird of rapture
Beckons promises of spring,
A little romantic melody
compels wedding bells to ring.

A little flower after winter
a garden bursts alive,
A little manger on a card
heralds Christmas has arrived.

A little sunshine in a raindrop
forms the promise of the bow
A little star in the heavens
is the diamond sky aglow.

A little snowflake on a rise
gives a winter full of fun,
A little shower in the mountains
makes a fertile river run.

A little note played with another
becomes a lilting tune,
A little sunbeam after night
can chase away the moon.

A little droplet drying up
creates the fluffy clouds we see,
A little key turned in a lock
will set a prisoner free.

A little sign of warning
can save a life from harm,
A little heart of truthfullness
soothe a tranquil calm.

A little whisper can speak
loving wisdom in advice,
A little cake baked by a friend
always twice as nice.

A little smile of friendship
can lift a weeping soul again,
A little thought given in love
release a heart of pain.

A little touch of tenderness
can show we really care,
A little hope in a tomorrow
lift the burden that we bear.

Oh, all the little moments
that are flying by,
Complete the momentous one of all
when we're called on high.

A little heart that's given
all the painful grief to flee
Jesus accomplished that
when He died for you and me.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2003 used with permission

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