~ A Light In The Darkness ~

I see a light in the faraway distance
It's piercing through the darkness
Lighting the way for a lost soul
Emitting such a luminance.

The longer I stare the more I'm drawn
It seems to call out to me
"Come and be saved my little one
Come and let me set your soul free."

Each time I try to look away
A voice in my mind says "no"
I try to move, I try to run
But this force won't let me go.

Where am I and why is this happening to me
I look around for someone who can help
But all I see is the darkness
What is this hand I've been dealt.

How did I get here and what's going on
Everything is such a blur
The last thing I remember is driving my car
What could've happened, what did occur?

This voice is still calling out to me
This brilliant light is getting near
It seems to be moving through the darkness
It seems to be coming for me, I fear.

Oh dear God what's going on
I'm lost and I'm so afraid
Why can't I remember anything
Please help me Lord, please come to my aid.

This voice still beckons me to the light
This voice that sounds so sweet and kind
I slowly move in that direction
Am I crazy, am I losing my mind?

The closer I get the stronger the pull
And the sweeter the sound of the voice
I'm almost there and the light is so bright
Then I hear the words, "My child, rejoice."

"You're ready to enter your Father's kingdom
No need for you to worry or fret
You've lived an exemplary life my child
Don't be afraid dear one, you are His guest."

An all consuming love envelopes me
As I step into this brilliant white light
Everything now is perfectly clear
I passed away in a car accident this night.

I need to tell you to open your heart
Don't be afraid when this journey faces you
This beacon will illuminate the entry to heaven
This entry that you must pass through.

Chee Chee Martin ©9/11/04

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