~ The Little Box ~

There is a little box
that so secretly I hide
The story of my life
is in the things inside.

I was going to share this box
with my two son's one day
But it seems God needed their help,
so he took them away.

So if you're not too busy,
or have nothing better to do
I'll just open up this little box,
and share my life with you.

Here we have the wedding ring
my loving wife once gave to me
I will hold that woman's love deep
in my heart for all eternity.

Next there are these two little toys
They were the favorite ones of my boy's

Let's see, oh yes the police motorcycle
belonged to Willie
That is what he wanted to be,
a Motor Officer with the C.H.P.

And the Rescue Truck, well that
belonged to little Dennis,
An E.M.T.
Is what that little guy most wanted to be.

Here is the little carved turtle
 my Sister once gave to me
It reminds me of the Indian blood
that flows through our family.

I can see you're getting restless,
there's something you want to do
Just a few more minutes of your time
is all I ask of you.

Here are my Jump wings,
and my C.I.B.
I was a warrior you know,
in the Airborne Infantry.

Oh what stories these two could tell
Of that time I spent in a man made hell.

And now we come to the Purple Heart
the Army gave to me
I was wounded fighting that war
so you young folks could live free.

Well, that's it young man that's my life,
that's all there is to tell.
As you can see, at times my life
has been a living hell.

But I have walked this life with honor,
a purpose in my stride
Because I knew that all the while
God was walking by my side.

Ernie Smiling Hawk
2003 used with permission


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