~ Little Goldie ~

Little Goldie Goldfish
About a half inch long
Lives in a little bowl
She has no other home.

Now talk about a life
I must learn to not complain
What if I was Goldie
Swimming round and round again.

Her life is pretty simple
She never shuts her eyes
When you view her thru the bowl
She always looks surprised.

Now and then she gives
A little bubble sound
But most of her time is spent
Just swimming round and round.

She'll come up to the top
For that little wafer thin
When she's finished eating
She swims back down again.

Nowhere can she hide
Away from peeking eyes
You can see right thru her bowl
End to end and side to side.

What a life to live
In a little bowl
But if you were Goldie
You wouldn't mind at all.

Betty Hill 2004

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