Little Wolf


~ Little Wolf's Wish ~

Four wolf pups lay by their Mother's side
filling their Father's heart with pride
There was one girl and three males
who protected their little sister without fail

Wolf pups love to run and play
for that is little wolves' way ...
but their Father they must obey
they must heed what he has to say

From the day they were born
their Father had warned ...
Stay away from man's farms
for he means wolf harm

That creature, the two legged one
carries a stick called a gun
he kills for sport and fun,
if you see him, you must run!

Then came the fateful day ...
the four little wolves were at play
with their friends, the cub bears
Suddenly gun shots filled the air

Little wolf quickly looked around
his sister's small body was lying on the ground
only her soft fur moved as a lone wind blew
In his heart and by instinct he knew ...

He watched as she drew her last breath
her heart bravely embracing death ...
Little wolf's yelps pierced the sky
why did his only sister have to die ...?

But he could not linger nor stay
the two legged one was headed his way
and his gun was pointed at him
He was trying to kill all of them!

The little wolves followed their own tracks
and made it safely back to the pack
Their beloved sister they will always miss
and little wolf forever holds this wish ...

That man's killing of wolves will cease
and man will let them live in peace
A wish from the heart and most sincere
Please help before wolves completely disappear

Barbara LaBarbera 2004

Defenders Of Wildlife - Wolves

There is NO record of a non-rabid wolf killing a human

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