~ Lonely Christmas Tree ~

Moisture dripped from the branches that Christmas Eve
A fine beautiful pine tree it had become
I swear I think it was shedding tears
It stood six feet tall and fully branched
I had watched it grow for some years
Something special about this tree
It seemed to have a personality!
It stood in the forest near my house
and sometimes when the wind blew,
I swear I heard someone say... please come find me...

My neighbor down the road mentioned his grandchildren
were coming to visit, but he didn't have a tree
and the vendors had already closed up for the season.
Suddenly a thought occurred to me
about that special tree in the forest.
I told my friend not to worry, I had something
for his grandchildren, I would be along in a bit.

I grabbed my saw and got in my old pick-up truck
drove to the stand, and walked into the forest
knowing that this was what I was meant to do.
I sawed the tree and carried it back to the truck and loaded it on.
I walked back to the stump to get my saw
and as I looked down I saw the image of a smiling face
with one tear falling, imprinted in the stump where I had sawed.
I knew then that I would have no regrets for cutting the tree down.

To everything there is a time and a place, just as God intended.
So weep not for what has gone,
but know that the real meaning of Christmas is giving.
After all God gave us His most precious gift of all.
Merry Christmas all

Bonnie Ray 2007


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O Tannenbaum
Christmas Song
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