~ Looking Out Our Windows ~

I see out my window tonight the neighbor's lights
As they softly glow of the winter's snow.
As I gaze I spy someone waving across the row.
Smiling brightly, a moment is shared.

Stars in the heavens shining so brightly,
Casting down in the cold winter's snow.
A full moon above us lighting our paths,
In an ever so lovely and beautiful glow.

I wonder what lies outside your window there,
Where the air is warm and skies are blue.
As you gaze at wondrous beauty, do share.
What glory do you spy through the window view.

The dawn is breaking the night,
Golden rays of sunshine open a new day.
Such a beautiful and glorious sight,
Images of nature's lovely array.

Such a sight is so invitingly serene,
One of glorious expectation.
The day to come in full bloom.
To share on hazy afternoon.

The chirping of the birds, the buzzing of the bees.
Blending nature's harmony, into such sweet melodies..
Up above there are white clouds and blue skies;
One can see the gentle flutter of colorful butterflies

Blue and gray skies mixing gently,
The grass all brown peeking a look.
Soon to have those butterflies here too.
Outside my window.

Dusk is creeping upon us now,
The sun so slowly setting.
Oh what a lovely day it has been,
Looking outside my window.


written by
James R. Greene
Doreen Cyr
March 8, 2007

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