~ Look Into My Eyes ~

Ones emotions are revealed through the eyes
You can not hide them no matter how hard one tries

Only the coldest of hearts can return a stare
Tell the lie and act like they really don't care

Tears come from the soul and through the eyes they flow
Be it from laughter or from deep sorrow

And when you stay up too late at night
The eyes show the sleepiness' that you fight

The twinkle that is caused from feelings held inside
Is not one of those that you can easily hide

If the eyes sparkle in the pale moon light
It signals the time for love may be just right

As you look into the eyes of a person in lust
This is sensual and comes from your heart this I trust

Now look deep into my eyes with desire
For it is the gleam in your eyes that I most admire

Buddy Toepfer
used with permission


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