~ Love U ~

The sky outside was crystal clear,
Sparkling as the sun's rays appeared.
A quick decision had brought us here,
Eating Whopper Jr's, faces smeared.

When what to our eyes did appear,
Sky writing outside high in the sphere.
We oohed and ahhed with a cheer,
Trying to decipher what looked so near.

The first two words soon appeared,
A Valentine saying Love U, dear?
With hopes up high in the atmosphere,
Wondering whose name would appear.

A gasp of wonderment from a man's lips we did hear,
"I knew it!" he said, what would appear.
We were surprised but it was so clear,
"Love U Jesus" was high in the sphere.

Next following that wonderful phase of love,
Came "Love God" straight from above.
The feeling of love was pure and true,
Thanks to the airplane that above flew.

Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2006

(Note: This is a true story and the man was a
homeless man who frequents Burger King.
He was so enthused when he said what he saw,
that I couldn't help smiling along with him.)


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