Yes! I have house work help
my own little magic wonder elf!
She sits here on my shoulders
and POOF! We can move boulders!

If she's looking kinda sad
I know I'm in trouble, bad!
But she still hangs around
and never lets me down

When I sometimes seem to tire
and feel like I'm 'bout to expire
She says, "what are you doing ...
this ole house work is a shoo-in"

So get up ... get off your duff
and let's start cleaning stuff
We'll have fun, fun, fun
til the house work is done!

So swing that mop and broom
as we dance from room to room
It's magical to get the silly funnies
chasing down those ole dust bunnies

I'm cutting loose, rustling and bustling
running around cleaning and dusting
With my little elf and a few magic wishes
POOF, there, I've cleaned the dishes!

And just guess what?
I like sharing what I've got!
So I'm sending her your way ...
Have a magic cleaning day!
Now wasn't that fun
Everything's all done!

Barbara LaBarbera 2004
(Lady Bleaux)


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