~ Maka Ina, Earth Mother ~

She embraces you from birth
Maka Ina, our own Mother Earth
Blessed by WankanTanka's hand
She is Mother to the tribe of man

Asehi, she is Mother to all
and knows our every footfall
She watches her children with care
and gives of her heart all we share

She is an abundance of wealth
keeping your body and spirit in health
Giving you comfort in troubled times
She is the healing spirit divine

Her children respect and love her
because of all she brings to offer
Giving shelter 'neath her towering trees
whispering to you softly with her breeze

Feel her ever throbbing heart beat
as she guides your spirit's feet
Sheltering you from heat and cold
She nurtures you heart and soul

Maka Ina, your Mother, your friend
She is the Circle of life without end
Nestled near her soft breast ....
she brings her children peace and rest

Maka Ina does not discriminate
She places no barriers or gates
for she knows not prejudice nor hate
She is ever within our destiny and fate

The Mother with caring hands
she is your spirit's heart land
Maka Ina, our own Mother Earth
Know and honor her worth

Though she is called by many names
she loves all her children the same
From her we are never apart
Maka Ina, our Mother, our heart

Mitakuye Oyasin!

Barbara LaBarbera
  2004 used with permission

*Dedicated to Rainbow Warriors everywhere
as they fight to save our Mother Earth
Especially to ...
Red Hawk (Lakota)
Dragonfly (Cherokee)
Ernie Smiling Hawk (Mohawk)


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