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~ Mama's Footprints ~

When tomorrow comes, my Mama dear
Will still be caring for my feet,
From the day of my tender birth, she counted my toes
And knitted booties very sweet.

She would giggle and kiss my little pinkies
When I waved them in the air,
And as I began to toddle about
Her delight was felt beyond compare.

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Then time unfolded each seasonal change
So very carefully, she would choose,
Pretty outfits to stitch with love
And perfect matching shoes.

Came that sad year, tears so bitter-sweet
My Mama watched me walk away,
As those tender little toes marched up the hill
To catch the bus each day.

As day dimmed her gaze only fell upon the road
Waiting for my pattering feet,
To warmly welcome me home again
And share her home baked treat.

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Every moment Mama prayed as I skipped life's path
Growing up too fast before her eyes,
Then bravely she smiled, as I walked the aisle
And we said our last goodbyes.

But yet, still my feet walk on in her loving shoes,
As her prayers forever rise,
And now her grandchildren, step into those footprints
On the path she leaves behind her
Upward to the skies.

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Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2005 used with permission

My Mama showed me
how to walk into forever

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