The white man's excuse was given as Manifest Destiny
For taking the lands where their ancestors once roamed free

These proud people known to the white man as the Flat Head
Now many years later two more of their children lie dead

They have joined the many who were killed by the white man's gun
And those who starved because of the white man's lying tongue

Their cries cannot be heard with your ears
Their cries are now hidden in frozen silent tears

Why can American hearts look and yet not see
These children are dying from indifference and apathy

How many more children will die the same
Before your heart feels the shame?

Two young children lying dead in the snow side by side
Was it Manifest Destiny's indifference, or genocide?

We must teach them the truths their ancestors had inside

Teach them to face the world with dignity and pride
Not run to the bottle and the spirits from the dark side.

Does it bring to your American hearts many tears
Those two little boys lived only eleven years?

Two young boys lying frozen dead in the snow
Victims of the same genocide of long ago

As they lay dying, their lives slipping away
The school didn't bother to notify anyone that day

The indifference of Manifest Destiny, or genocide
Why don't we ask God to decide?

Among these people remain much heart break and sorrow
Ask your heart what can I give to brighten their tomorrow?

Break the chains of Manifest Destiny, indifference and apathy
Allow their spirit to soar high with honor and dignity.

Ernie Smiling Hawk

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission

Based on a true incident this past Winter
Help American Indian Children
American Indian Children's Hunger Fund

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