~ My Little Ghost Busters ~

I have two dogs this is true
And they seem to bark all the time
That can be good in one respect
Our neighborhood is free of crime.

But Halloween is around the corner
And each time our doorbell rings
They both get stirred into such a frenzy
They start barking at everything.

You need to know they're both real small
The biggest one only weighs six pounds
But if you ring our doorbell on Halloween
You'd swear we have two large hounds!

Our trick-or-treaters think they're cute
Even though they continually bark
We can barely hear the words 'Trick or Treat'
I think hubby should take them to the park!

They see all these strange people at the door
And some are as scary as can be
They think they're protecting us from these monsters
They're protecting my hubby and me.

Maybe this year I'll put them in some costumes
And let hubby deal with the stress
Something has to be done real soon
I think I might be going deaf!

So if there's a leaf blowing down the street
Or if the kids are trick or treating I dare say
You can bet they'll both start barking in unison
Warning everyone to stay away.

Chee Chee Martin 2004


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