~ My Quiet Time ~

I love the early morning hours
I call it my quiet time
Everyone is still in bed asleep
Yes, these hours suit me just fine.

The clock has just chimed five
No spark of daylight can be seen
I contemplate my chores for the day
It's always the same routine.

It's during this time I can reflect
On days that have gone by
Remembering people, faces, and events
And letting out an audible sigh.

Sipping my coffee and just thinking
How quiet everything seems to be
The frost looks like diamonds on the grass
You should be awake and see what I see.

Night is starting to fade away
The sun will soon make its debut
Things will become more clearer then
The morning sun casts a beautiful hue.

Dawn is about to announce its arrival
The birds are starting to sing
Lights are coming on in nearby houses
And noise the morning does bring.

I happen to love this time of day
I get to watch everything come alive
While everyone else is still sawing logs
I get to watch the sun arrive.


Chee Chee Martin 2004

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