~ Native Son  ~

A brave Native American man
Who fought on foreign land
With a brave heart and will
Today fights the battle still

For in his dreams at night
His spirit still fights
He was so young and brave
As women and children he tried to save

It was by his own spirit's wish
That his brave heart would enlist
America's own Native son joined a battle
He thought could easily be won

Who would they choose for sniper scout?
For US commanders there was no doubt!
They would choose none other
than a Mohawk Brother

Native son was a sniper scout
Checking for land mines
Look to see if VC were about...
Ordered to aim! And take 'em out!

They scouted in fours...
Carrying clay moores
Sometimes laying in wait
Till time to detonate

Sometimes with the VC in view
Their ammo down to a few
But each day they marched on
To freedom's spirit song

His visions of a red tailed hawk
signaled when VC were in stalk
Spirit Warrior showed land mines
To save lives and time ...

Native Son was a true Army Scout
Without a heart's doubt
He made many a brave stand
Men never questioned his signal command

The men followed his lead
Knowing he left none to bleed
His Warrior Spirit guide
Kept their paths safe and wide

But one day he looked down a hill
What he saw sent a blood curdling chill
The VC were killing, behind the enemy line,
women and children dying!

Then he saw a woman and child
Held by a VC gorilla wild
Native Son with body tired
Took aim and fired

His brave heart had tried
But the woman and child died.
How did he feel?
Will his scars ever heal?

He went down the hill...
How many did the VC kill?
Without a soul's sound
His spirit knelt down...

There laying by his side
So many had died...
Killed by evil VC men
Slaughtered in horror and sin

He felt naked and alone
So far from reality's home
He still remembers that day
When so many lives were taken away

Can you feel his pain
At the number slain?
On that day, where were you?
Would you remember too?

It cut his heart like a knife
Has almost destroyed his life
But the Creator keeps him alive
His messenger spirit will thrive.

Wounded in heart and mind
Will he forget in time?
Is he remembered by you?
Does your heart ask, "What can I do?"

Viet Nam vets, so few now
My head, in reverent bow
We should remember for all time
In your heart and mine.

Native Son walked Vietnam sixteen months long
With a brave heart and spirit strong
He was one of a valiant few...
And some died for you...

Many lives saved during Viet Nam days
Using Mohawk tribal ways ...
But some of his brothers fell
That's where Native Son's spirit dwells

Native Son remembers his brothers who did fall
Their names now upon a wall
He bows his head ...
But he walks proud and tall
Knowing he gave his all

His spirit revisits a no name hill
Where so many were killed
He fights the battle still
And in his heart he always will ...

Barbara LaBarbera
  2003 used with permission
Dedicated to Ernie Smiling Hawk
All Native Sons and Viet Nam Veterans

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