~ Never Ending Love ~

She came to America from another country
anxiously wondering what her life would be ...
In America at last she would be free ..
But what would be her heart's destiny?

She married and raised children through the years
But in her heart she wept sad silent tears ...
Ever present in her hearts memory ...
Was a secret none knew or could see

Her family raised, she suddenly fell ill
Her love's secret held inside her still
She knew in her heart well
there was one she must tell ...

Her secret locked for years inside
She called her one special son to her side
There in a cold antiseptic hospital room
Knowing her death was coming soon ...

Just as her brave heart was about to die
she lovingly looked her son in the eye
"There's something I must tell you," she said
As she gently touched his young head ...

Your Father is not the one who raised you
Your true Father is one you never knew
There's little time left, and you have to know
You're the son of another I loved long ago ...

Still young, before you could be raised ...
he left, unable to live by white man's ways
So before my life is over and done ...
You are Lakota, my son ...

In their poor hearts it was such a pity
He could not walk the canyons of a city
Theirs was a true love of the heart
but their two paths tore them apart

Her last words fell on her son's young ears
"I've loved my Lakota man all these years" ....
His medicine wheel clutched in her dying hand
She loved and never forgot her Lakota man ...

Neither their two paths nor her life time
had erased him from her heart and mind
A heart's secret no longer held inside
Her son now walks in Lakota pride

I must tell you, my friend
their story has no end ...
Whenever two hearts love like this
Their spirits live forever in love's bliss ...

Barbara LaBarbera
Based on a true story
2004 used with permission

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