~ No Visible Scars ~
My life was always normal
I did everything by the book
I have two sons and a husband
No one ever gave me a second look.
I never complained of my woes
I just took what was given to me
I did the best with what I had
But sometimes I needed to be free.
So now I'm up in my years
And age has ravaged my mind
They say I have a disease called Alzheimer's
My memory I can no longer find.
There's days I don't remember my name
And days I won't know who you are
But please have patience with me
I don't have any visible scars.
I'm suffering from something so very cruel
A disease that has taken everything, can't you see
Oh why does my family have to be put through this
Oh Lord why is this happening to me.
I never complained and I never judged
But my most precious thing has been taken away
I valued my mind so much you know
How do you expect me to live day to day?
I'm now living in my own little world
Which consists of nothing but the present
My family, my life and my friends
Are pieces of a puzzle that are fragmented.
So listen carefully as I speak
I seem to be having a lucid day
A time will come when I won't make sense
Then for me, will you please start to pray?
Chee Chee Martin 
2004 used with permission
dedicated to Millie Martin

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