~ One Halloween Night ~

The night was dark and as a lark,
I set off down the road.
To trick or treat, to find and meet
My little friend, the toad.

The sky was black when I saw a cat,
Atop the fence near me.
So I wasn't alone to find my friend toad,
As I walked down the road fancy-free.

We passed the dark woods where all the trees stood,
When a swift figure passed me by.
I jumped up in fright, to see such a sight,
"Tis was all white and moaning a cry.

The cat and I stood, as we did look,
The night creature moved beyond our sight.
We did stop so sudden in our tracks
As we shuddered and shivered in fright.

Hurrying along to pass the ghost,
Who swayed and waved at us.
Our hair stood on end, we felt this was no friend,
Who pointed, laughing, making a fuss.

Kitty and I ran to the river, as fast as we could,
Calling and crying for toad Sam nearby.
We heard a low voice who replied as he sighed,
"Down by the river, come see me by-and-by.

Needless to say, never again shall we,
Pass the woods on a Halloween night.
In the daylight it's best, to travel the woods,
To visit friend Sam, in the bright sunlight.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 2007


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