Just a little canoe am I
One smooth pull of the oars at a time,
Every moment I gently dip a stroke
To find the hidden flow
The secret code, to stay afloat
To skim my heart along.
Or what if I let go, adrift upon the tide
Rudderless with fluctuating rhythm
All relative to find,
 At the whim of the wind
No guiding light
With every passing wave another sign.
But, won't I need to feel secure
To have some direction without fear,
Can't I know a true shelter in gathering storms
Unsinkable, a life forever launched
Something more, beyond a drifting here.
Then with every stroke I choose
I will be gliding to some certain place,
So every inclination flowing on the course
Is not a sweeping to an empty whirlpool
A futile journey into some unknown force.
I do accept there is no magic launch
That I must engage my mind,
Watch the horizon, be alert, discover
Pursue and keep on seeking
So calm waters I shall find.
For God promises those who search
Will have eternal mystery revealed to them,
Ah, satisfied then,
I shall slip into His upward current
As He carries me upon the flow of life
Into the beautiful golden pond, He has formed
Just around the bend.
Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems
2004 used with permission

When you sail the sea of change, it's natural to long for shore

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 midi.. windwing arranged by:
Don Carroll
Houston, Texas



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