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Only God Can

Who else just by His will
can say to the sun
'You just stand still?'
Or to the clouds
'Let there be rain
for the earth needs you
to water the grain'?
Who else, just by his power,
can make a seed
bring forth a flower?
or say to yonder running stream,
'Let the water in you be cool and clean'
Only God can,
Almighty I Am

Who else, just by His might
can say to the stars
'Now you shine bright?'
Or say to the birds and bees
'Make your home in all the trees.'
Who else can stop the raging sea,
walk on the water
and calm the fears in me?
Or say to the Spirit
'You take control
for you have the power
to save a soul?'
Only God Can
Almighty I Am

Yolanda Cohen 2004


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