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O'siyo Grandfather--Cherokee
A moment in time is gone forever

The wind is stirring,
my hair is blowing gently in the wind.
As I sit here on this highest hill
I look into the valley below
I see the herd and the stallion in the lead
His tail blowing free behind him
and his mare keeping pace beside him
Mane flowing in the wind
as he races across the valley floor.
Softly I hear a whisper in my ear...
O'siyo Grandfather, I hear you
Welcome !
I know you are here beside me,
It has been awhile since last we talked
I have missed you.
Your wisdoms and the stories of old
I have longed to hear them once again
Yes they are beautiful ,,the horses below
they are free as we once were, in the long ago.
The stallion has the spirit of the fire and the
swiftness of the wind.
Also the wisdom of mother earth to
lead his herd far from the dangers to grazing
that is pure and untainted.
He too must remember the camp fires
that used to glow in the night
When our people and his kind
shared this beautiful land
The time of peace and harmony.
Soon grandfather I will join you
we will cross this land and remember
Ah yes I see eagle in the distance
He too longs for those days as well
Grandfather must you go so soon ?
I will wait for your return .....
As grandfather faded from my sight
trees stir and I felt his touch upon my brow
His words echoing in the wind..
be well my child
remember who you are..
Cherokee Earthkeeper
As a feather drifted to land at my feet..

By Bonnie Ray
2003 used with permission

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