~ Perzactly ~

I know perzactly what you mean,
Thangs ain’t always whut they seem,
This southern form of speech
Leaves so many on the breech……
Of almost knowing whut we say,
(but they’ll ponder over it one more day)

In life, there shorely ain’t no reruns
(sorry if ya din't git that hun)
I speak my southern anglish,
And with ever' word I mean it.

“Gonna” means “I’m going to”,
“gotta” means “I must”,
“Ain’t”…well, that IS a word,
but I ain’t gonna make a fuss.

“Git” means “go”, or “get it”,
“dun” means “I dun finished”,
“Whut?” means “what cha mean?”
a “hissy fit” means letting off steam.

“Perzactly” means just what it says,
exactly is the same…
it goes to show the language
has one meaning to several names.

So, perzactly at this moment,
I send a southern smootch,
You reach way up and git it, hear?
'Cause my aim may go kapoot!

Perzactly now, my goodest friend,
I’ma sendin' luv yore way,
I hope ya truly unnerstan'
Perzactly whut I say!!!!!

Denise Lanford ©

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