~ A Pet So Fine ~

I was without a little pet
For much too long you see
Then the thought begin to nag
Just would not let me be.

I rolled it over in my mind
What pet shall I pick out?
One who's in a cage?
Or the kind that runs about?

Would it be a dog?
Or maybe a fluffy purring cat?
I don't think I want a bird
It can't sit on my lap.

I think I've now decided
I want a little pup
It will let me love it
Won't mind if I pick him up.

So now my decision is made
Well almost, any way
But what breed of dog?
Want a good one, not a stray.

Off to the pet shop at the mall
To look them over good
As I walked inside the door
There my puppy stood.

Looking straight at me
As if he already knew
The sweetest little Poodle
Behaving like good dogs do.

He walked right up to me
And licked me on the hand
That stole my heart away
I thought he was so grand.

He sat down on the floor
Right beside my feet
As I paid the owner
And bought him a little treat.

After we got home
And I showed him where he'd sleep
That's the time he changed
He was bound to sleep with me.

Ok, I said to him
You may share my bed
But you'll be at the foot
While I sleep at the head.

So Casey sleeps with me
A finer pet, there's not
He was the finest dog
In that entire pet shop.

Betty Hill 2005

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