There's nothing so stimulating
as taking a cruise,
Out on the cool, deep waters
seeing new places I choose.

Relishing the blowing winds
while standing on the deck,
Watching as land recedes
until it's just a speck.

Going inside to partake
of buffets and fun,
Joining the strangers
and talking one-on-one.

This journey of mine
was something brand-new,
Seeing different sights
getting a worldview.

Yet something struck me
as missing inside,
I didn't take my best friend
I was preoccupied.

I left the party and people
to stand at ship's rail,
Looking o'er the ocean
fresh salty air I inhale.

My soul within rejoiced
as God felt so close,
He's everywhere I am
I must have been comatose.

So now I realized why
I felt so empty inside,
Jesus, my Friend and Savior
forgot within He did reside.

I had only to remember
recalling prayers I said,
Keep me safe from harm
His arms always wide-spread.


Joan C. Nelson-Payne 4-20-07


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