~ A Prayer Is A Hug ~

Oh, dear one, when you are hurting so
I wish that I could ease your pain
With a hug, a prayer, a smile
So, this is what I'll pray

I'll pray for you a rest of heart
A secret miracle to come
To fill your heart with tender calm
And bless your heart with love


I'll pray for you the wisdom
You need to face each day
For all the tough decisions
That scatter on your way

I'll pray for you the strength of mind
To ease your aching soul
That all our God supplies
Will make your spirit whole


I'll pray you'll find the words
That come from heaven above
To know just what to say
To all of those you love


I'll pray for you what Jesus' plans
To break forth in His time
And all of heaven's fortitude
Be treasure you can find

I'll pray for little miracles
For you to see each day
As you wake upon the morning
And hear the birds at play


I'll pray for all your hands must do
And where your thoughts may go
You'll daily feel the promise
That God most surely knows

I'll pray for you, while waiting
For all He has to send-
You'll know His comfort, joy and peace
My dear and special friend


Soft whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems Feb 2010

"Compassion is the capacity for feeling
what it is like to live inside somebody
else's skin. It is the knowledge that there can never
really be any peace and joy for me until there is peace
and joy finally for you too."


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Verse in the flash by Derry aka Heartwhispers 2010


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