~ PSP 'Puter Addict ~

PSP is where I spend all my time
and lucky for me it's not a crime ...
I'd be arrested, tried and convicted
'cause I'm totally PSP addicted!

My family is worried about me
'cause I'm also a graphic "groupie"
Yep, for sure you can tell I'm a PSP nut
'cause here I sit on my PSP butt!

Always nagged by my family and spouse
Stop that PSP and get off that mouse
get up and start cleaning this house!
Yep ... I'm a totally addicted PSP louse!

Lately though, my nerves are in a twitter
'cause I can't master that dang "glitter"
But I love my PSP "groupie" friends
they even share their "plug-ins"!

My more diligent friends "snag-it"
then the creative one's "tag-it"
and I don't care who's doing what
as long as I get what I got!

Don't send me ads about big boobs
I need bigger and better PSP tubes!
My 'puter files are in a twisted knot
'cause of all the fancy fonts I got!

Ohhh the delight and joy PSP brings
but when I first got this dad burn thing
By tutorials I'm trying to learn and master
but what in the heck is a "raster"

I was so mad I was seeing stars
'cause I kept losing my dang tool bars!
I felt like a stupid ole toad
'til I finally learned to "re-load"!

Yep, I'm a PSP nut and lovin' it
while the whole family's having a fit
trying to make me give in and quit
But right here with PSP is where I sit!

Barbara LaBarbera
2004 used with permission
*Dedicated to my PSP buddies
especially Sue, Nancy, Anne
AND my Graphic "groupies"


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