~ A Sea Of Humanity ~

Mother Nature shows Us once again
That She is really in Control
How She can rearrange this Earth
Right down to Itís very Soul.

The Human, just one stage of Life
Formed by some Greater Creator
We arenít Supreme on this World
Which We learn, sooner or later.

Why me? The most asked question
When Life doesnít go Our way
But when We disregard Her Warnings
Someone will always have to Pay.

We will Build around Volcanoes
Along the Rivers running Deep
At the Shores of all the Oceans
And on Slopes of Mountains, Steep.

Itís a restless Place We dwell upon
Traveling through Time and Space
And in Itís Change, once in awhile
Nature will put Us in Our place.

Sometimes We will have the Means
To give Us some kind of Warning
But when We think, the Price too Great
The true Cost, will be the Mourning.

When We think We can outwit Her
Or can put it off until tomorrow
All We can do, when itís too late
Is to shed Our tears in Sorrow.

Now, itís Our Time to Pay the Piper
We played out the Game and Lost
Tendered Our Friends and Loved Ones
And all Mankind must Bear that Cost.

Del "Abe" Jones 01-06-2005

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