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~ Shadow Dancer ~

As the darkness begins to fall
watch me dance across your wall
I come to you on moon beams
Shadow Dancing through your dreams

Shadow Dancer,
Asehi, it is I ...
the one who dances the night sky
I will wipe away your tears
bringing comfort ever near

I see your soul's contrition
and know your dream's ambition
For I see all your heart deems
as I Shadow dance your dreams ...

Sleep softly and do not be afraid
I have beautiful dreams already made
Feeling your every dream's desire
We'll dance the winds reaching higher

With starlight shinning all around
I lift your spirit when you're down ...
When darkness falls, I float in
Then my Shadow Dancing begins

Rest softly this night on your bed
as I place beautiful dreams in your head
Feel Shadow Dancer here now ...
As I softly caress your fretful brow

Leave all your inhibitions behind
Let your soul's spirit unwind ...
I will be with you throughout the night
Bringing you softly to peace and light

Rest softly
'til the break of dawn
with my Shadow Dance song
Through out the night, I will guide
As I shadow dance by your side

I know all the secrets you hold
for I shadow dance your soul
I know all your plans and schemes
Asehi, for I am your dreams

Barbara LaBarbera
2003 used with permission


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