~ Sharing A Morning ~

Dewdrops balancing precariously
On a blade of grass
Sparkles encapsulated
In this bead of glass.

Pine needles everywhere
Cones scattered all about
It seems like Autumn
As I venture out.

I take a deep breath
Of the cool, crisp air
Fill up my lungs
As I stand and stare.

I start to take my walk
Along a deserted path
Everything is washed clean
Mother Nature gave everything a bath.

As I make my way along
A beautiful lake comes into view
The rising of the sun
Cascades its rays in different hues.

Picking up a pebble
And tossing it in
Watching the ripples form

Making a leaf start to spin.

I watch a bird
As it dips and soars
Checking its surroundings
Continuing to explore.

I have a seat
Upon a large rock
I watch as a boat
Maneuvers the dock.

Their voices are muffled
The silence has been broken
Traveling on currents of air
Each word they have spoken.

I'm making my way back
Dawn has made its debut
A beautiful morning
I wanted to share with you.


Chee Chee Martin 2010
  2006 Whisperings Of The Mind And Soul
2007 Whispered Words

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