Talking and Sharing Through Verse
written by Chee &

You are so dear to my heart
Unfortunately, we live so far apart,
But dear friends we will always be
Because you mean so much to me!

You're just too sweet is all I can say,
And I grow fonder of you each day,
Friends forever is what we will be
Because you're so very Special to me!!

Hearing from you creates a warm glow,
A glow that's felt inside my heart
Even though miles separate us,
We're not really far apart.

Just to know, that you are there,
And to know, you really care,
Makes my world a nicer place,
As I imagine the smile upon your face.

I can almost feel your love
In every verse you write
I'm glad you consider me a beacon
That can light up your night.

If ever God took you away from me,
I'd be lost, just like a ship in a angry sea.
You are so precious and dear to my heart,
I pray our Friendship will never part !!

You are a rose among thorns,
A beautiful spirit to behold.
Such kindness coming from you,
Your heart is made of pure gold!

You are a gift, sent straight from God,
To help lighten the load on this road I trod.
You are a "Rose" in my little flower bed,
And I pray for you each time I bow my head.

Your prayers mean so much to me
You have such a beautiful soul
I know the Good Lord has taken notice
And your name is written in gold.

Forever and always, this friendship so true,
I hold up this glass as I toast with you.
You have brought sunshine on a cloudy day,
Truly I am grateful for God sending you my way.

~Cont. to Sharing Friendship Part II~

Chee Chee Martin & Brenda King © 2005

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