~ Smallest Angel Kiss ~

There's a tiny touch of heaven
pattering through the dust,
Twinkle toes bringing treasures
Ever so much love.
She cannot catch the raindrops
falling softly from above,
Little sprinkles of tenderness
will need to be enough.
The song bird flew away
but he left behind a song,
Telling of the Father's heart
that we really do belong.
A pretty butterfly fluttered by
far too quick to hold
But in that softness of wing
shared a sweetness to be told.
Her cheeks lifted to the sky
to feel the warm sunshine,
God's love embracing close
the tender heart of a child.
Whispering breezes fluffy clouds
floating softly by,
Smallest hands reaching up.
to catch a star on high
And then she sidles up to you
 her eyes reaching into your soul,
With a lovable smile upon her lips
and a heart of gold.
Out of the mouth of precious angels
comes the purest grace
To touch you with tender kisses
of the sweetest day.

Soft Whispers from
Derry's Heart Poems

2003 used with permission

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Original art image by June Dudley

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