~ A Soldier's Wife ~

I'll put a candle in the window
And there it will stay
Until you make your way back home
I look for you every day.

Too many holidays have come and gone
And still there's no sign of you
This candle will always remain lit
Until you and I, once again, are two.

I reach for you all the time
I call your name out in my sleep
I wake up in the middle of the night
Sit in the dark and silently weep.

How much longer will you be gone
This is tearing me up inside
I know we haven't been married very long
But I still consider myself your bride.

I know you're fighting for what is right
To help the less fortunate than we
To help them live in freedom and democracy
But I keep wondering, 'what about me'?

I don't want to worry or upset you
I will continue to hope and pray
That soon you will be here by my side
And we'll be together for the holidays.

Just be careful and be safe
I want to kiss you and hold you tight
I don't want to wake up from my sleep
And cry silently throughout the night.
I love you my dear husband.

Chee Chee Martin 11/13/04

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