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~ A Special Love ~

Gazing at the moon in the sky
I stand here alone with you
You whisper words of love to me
You tell me of your love so true.

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You kiss my cheek and stroke my hair
You take me into your arms
You hold me so very close to you
And woo me with your charms.

So many years we've been together
And you continually fill my heart
With words, actions, and expressions of love
Always telling me we will never be apart.

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This Valentine's Day you've given me
Another year so different and new
A love that comes straight from your heart
Your heart telling me "I Love You."

So my dear beloved husband
In turn you need to know
How very much you mean to me
And how much I Love You so.

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Chee Chee Martin 2005
for my hubby, Dale

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